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Web Design & Online Marketing... Tools For Growth!
How much REAL BUSINESS is your website generating for you?

From a simple ‘one pager’ to a fully loaded database driven lead generating machine, Phoenix can take your business to the next level and help you capture new ‘buying’ customers... All while your sleeping!

Phoenix offer a range of online solution all specifically designed to help grow your business in specific areas including...

  • Website Design & Make-overs
  • Email Marketing & Promotion
  • Content Management Systems
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Online Sales Automation
  • Lead Generation & Tracking



No two clients have the same needs, so there’s no template formula that works for everyone. We start with open ears, open minds and a fresh approach for each and every site. A thorough initial consultation helps us get to know you and discover your needs. It’s free of charge, and it’s the first step towards supplying you with an accurate quotation. Upon approval of the quotation, time lines will be generated for additional stages, and stage 2 can commence. This is also the right time to assess your domain name, hosting and email requirements – these assessment services are provided free of charge by Phoenix.

Web Design & Development

The design concept is produced based on your brief, and insights from our experience – another reason that your first consultation is so important. A good brief means a great concept! On approval of the design concept, a site map will be constructed, and a storyboard created for you to see. These are previews of how your site will look, and how it will be navigated. Once these have been approved, actual technical development of your site can begin.

Testing & Website Optimisation

To ensure the smoothest possible running right from start-up, Phoenix conducts thorough site testing that includes load speeds, plus compatibility and visibility checks on a wide range of browsers. We set about optimizing every area of your site, and not just the technical matters. Our checking and testing covers marketing and sales strategy, graphics, and copywriting too. From how it runs to how it reads to how it generates leads, Phoenix experts inspect every area to ensure that yours is a website that performs, not just a collection of pretty pages. On completion of the testing program, your website will be launched.

Website Marketing

Beyond website design and creation, Phoenix can develop a strategic plan for the web marketing of your company. Your site can include electronic forms for client feedback and interaction, as well as newsletter registrations and reciprocal linking with affiliate websites. There can be updated content and industry news, free giveaways and competitions, plus much more. Our strategies drive traffic to your site – but not just any traffic, quality targeted hits by prospective customers interested in what you have to offer. Our expertise can make all the difference in increasing site traffic and repeat visitation, with the focus on increased leads and sales.